Real-time Cell Analyzers

Get more out of your cell culture experiments with real-time, non-invasive oxygen consumption measurements.

Lucid Scientific's RESIPHER replaces your 96-well plastic lids with an on-plate monitor — streaming data directly from your incubator!

RESIPHER Cell Culture Monitor
Extra-cellular oxygen flux measurements show PC-3 cell growth across various seeding densities (40K down to just 625 cells) during a 4-day experiment

Continuous OCR in any incubator

Get continuous, non-invasive oxygen consumption rate (OCR) measurements for days to weeks from inside any incubator that fits your cell culture plates.

The RESIPHER series of cell culture monitors are the world's first hand-held devices to measure extra-cellular oxygen flux in standard multi-well plates.

The RESIPHER provides valuable data and insight for many applications including:

  • Cell growth characterization
  • Dose Response studies
  • Cell line development
  • General experimental controls
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Streaming Data Anywhere

With Lucid's web-based streaming platform, you can monitor and analyze your data anywhere from a desktop, tablet, or phone.

Data is streamed from the RESIPHER over a usb cable to a storage and control hub outside the incubator where it can be accessed via the web.

Monitor OCR as well as continuous data streams from RESIPHER's other onboard sensors — including Temperature, Atmospheric Pressure, and Relative Humidity.

Mobile App

Operating Principle

Incorporating Lucid's proprietary, ultra-sensitive dissolved oxygen sensors, the RESIPHER measures the dissolved oxygen concentration gradient formed by metabolically active cells at the bottom of the well.

Measurements occur across a range of heights via the device's integrated, high-resolution z-stage actuation system — eliminating the inaccuracies inherent in fixed probe measurement systems

With sterile, narrow probes (500µm diameter), the system does not restrict oxygen flow to the cells or otherwise alter the media environment in any impactful way.

Probe Well Diagram
Oxygen sensing probe within a well
Plot of O2 vs Height
Oxygen concentration readings across multiple well heights reveal a linear gradient formed by the consumption occurring at bottom of the well.
RS-04 wells RS-32 wells RS-96 wells
Wells instrumented by the RESIPHER-4, RESIPHER-32, and RESIPHER-96

Up to 96 wells

The RESIPHER is available in versions instrumenting 4, 32, and all 96 wells.

The disposable lids are compatible with most standard 96-well plates including Nunc, Greiner, Falcon, and Costar.

Lids arrive sterilized and calibrated — simply place them on top of your plates and begin your experiment.

Lids are rated for continuous readings throughout experiments lasting up to 4 weeks.

Sterile packaging for the RESIPHER-4 disposable lid

Early Access

Lucid is currently partnering with leading researchers as part of our pre-launch Early Access Program.

The program focuses on cell culture research in the areas of mitochondrial research, drug discovery, and cell characterization.

If you believe your experiments could benefit from real-time, continuous OCR measurements, please contact us at to learn more.