is hard,
is easy.
Resipher is a long term, non-invasive oxygen consumption rate (OCR) monitoring system that works 24/7 inside your incubator.
OCR measures the rate of mitochondrial respiration that provides insight into important cellular processes:
Metabolic activity
Cell proliferation
Drug effects
Mitochondrial function
Resipher is the only seamless and fully integrated 96-well plate cell culture workflow system.
Dr. Daniel Fazzakerley
Fazzakerley Lab
Institute of Metabolic Science
University of Cambridge, UK
The Resipher has been pivotal to our work studying oxygen availability in cell culture as it offered the unique ability to measure oxygen concentrations of the cellular microenvironment straight in the incubator and without having to manipulate the cells. Getting OCR readouts alongside was a huge bonus and gave us new insight into the cells’ metabolism.
Dr. Ahmad Sharanek
Tumor and Vascular Biology Laboratory
Bordeaux Institute of Oncology
Before Resipher, we struggled to longitudinally track the changes in the metabolic states of our cells in their standard incubator and under standard culture conditions. The Resipher system offered us a fantastic opportunity. Since then, Resipher has become integral to every single project in our lab. The machine runs day and night, weekends and holidays. In other words, Resipher has become the mainstay of our research. The best part is that we can monitor the OCR of our cells from anywhere, even from bed. Highly recommended!
Dr. Daisy Y. Shu
Shu Lab Retinal Research Group
UNSW Sydney
School of Optometry & Vision Science
The Resipher allows my lab to continuously measure oxygen consumption rates of our retinal cells in real-time while they’re in the incubator over several weeks on end. It has enabled us to uncover novel insights into retinal cell metabolism and mitochondrial dysfunction as well as screen metabolic targeting drugs for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration.
Dr. Masfique Mehedi
Mehedi Lab
School of Medicine
University of North Dakota
I have been using Resipher to determine lung airway epithelial cells' oxygen consumption rate (OCR). Lucid Scientific's technical support team is excellent.
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Our Mission
At Lucid Scientific, our mission is to reshape the future of cell culture with the Resipher technology. We aspire to redefine the traditional approach to cell biology by offering innovative solutions for live and continuous oxygen consumption rate monitoring and analysis. Resipher technology enables researchers to delve deep into cellular metabolism with long term and noninvasive readouts, marking a significant shift in how cell biology is understood and studied. We empower scientists to uncover novel insights and drive groundbreaking discoveries. Lucid Scientific is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and transforming the landscape of cell culture practices. We recognize that science is hard, and we strive to make Resipher extremely reproducible and easy to use for anyone in the lab.
Our Team
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